Anderson Cooper tears MyPillow CEO open like a bag of chips

Mike Lindell is the CEO of MyPillow. It's a pillow company! So, when he claims that oleandrin is an incredible breakthrough in the fight against COVID-19, you know you can trust him. But hey, if the medical opinion of a pillow company manager isn't enough for you, you can rest assured that supplement has been vetted by the FDA!

Except, no. To all of this.

Oleandrin is a poisonous plant that could maybe do something good for someone, somewhere, for something. Thus far, however, there's no peer-reviewed study of it being useful, in any capacity, in the fight against COVID-19. Then there's this thing where the Food and Drug Administration isn't responsible for reviewing supplements. Did I mention that Lindell was successfully dinged for one-million dollars for making bullshit medical claims about his company's pillows, back in 2016?

All of this is cool, though, as Lindell has consulted with a medical professional on the matter. Dr. Ben Carson said that using Oleandrin was totally awesome for dealing with a disease that's killed over 173,000 Americans, not to mention the scores COVID-19 of deaths, worldwide. Yes, Dr. Ben Carson: the Oreos guy.

Anyway, here's Anderson Cooper casually eviscerating Lindell and his bullshit over the course of an 11-minute interview. Enjoy.

Image via Flickr, courtesy of Gage Skidmore