Fox News host falsely claims Bannon's arrest is a "deep state" conspiracy

Steve Bannon might look like a fraudster who got arrested on a boat, but Fox News bloviator Lou Dobbs insists that he is in fact the target of a "Deep State" conspiracy.

Addressing the story on his show on Thursday night, Dobbs, one of Donald Trump's favorite Fox hosts, said Bannon "was arrested this morning, not by the FBI or US Marshals but by inspectors of the US Postal Service while Bannon was cruising aboard a mega yacht, owned by a Chinese billionaire. Yes, you heard that correctly – an elite police unit of the Postal Service. They're called the US Postal Inspection Service and they had authority to arrest Bannon and they did so … Somehow, the deep state launched agents of the US Postal Service to arrest Mr Bannon."

The post office has had its own police since the dawn of the republic. Bannon himself says Deep State conspiracies are "for nut cases".