The Sensibo SKY turns most air conditioners into smart home climate control devices

Smart technology isn't always about leashing all of our household devices to our every whim. Sometimes, it's just about protecting us from ourselves.

We've all left the house in the heat of summer for an afternoon or even for a weekend getaway, only to return and discover we left the air conditioner on. Not smart. And when your mistakes actually start costing you money, it's time to step in with a fix.

High-tech thermostats that control your climate are awesome, but many of us have to live with old stupid air conditioning systems. You know, like a window AC unit. The Sensibo SKY Smart AC Controller is a smart home Swiss Army knife of a gadget, able to step in and harness control of your home cooling for scores of old school devices that don't have smart tech built-in.

The Sensibo SKY is a standalone device that works with any AC unit that has a remote control. Installation takes all of five minutes and instantly transforms your old dumb AC into a smart-enabled unit that you can control via voice, app or from anywhere, anytime. 

Once you pair your unit with the Sensibo app, you can use your phone to basically do everything your unit remote can do — and actually, a lot more as well. You can not only turn your AC on or off via the web, you can also set a variety of automatic actions to keep your house at optimal coolness when you're there, monitor when you're not and even prepare for your return.

With the Climate React feature, the Sensibo SKY lets up monitor the temperatures and humidity remotely and kicks in on its own to restore the conditions you want. It also features geo-fencing, which uses your phone's geo-location to automatically turn your AC off when your phone leaves the house, then turn everything back on when the phone gets home. You can even set up a 7-day schedule so your AC goes on and off at the times you set every day.

Even when you are home, Sensibo SKY also makes your unit controllable via voice commands to home assistant devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Of course, if one room of your house gets hotter than others or requires special attention, you can also basically create your own separate eco-system in just one room with a Sensibo Air

A mini-split smart thermostat with its own room sensor, the Air senses temperature and humidity in a home and adjusts the AC accordingly.

The Sensibo SKY Smart AC Controller usually retails for $149, but with the current deal, you can save a third and get one for only $99. Or you can go with the Sensibo Air, currently available at $20 off, bringing your price down to $179.

Prices are subject to change.

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