This kit will teach you how to read minds. And it's not a joke.

Okay, look…we're gonna let you in on a little secret here. You can't really read someone else's mind. Unless you know something the rest of the human race doesn't, you can't actually go inside someone's head, rummage around in it like the kitchen junk drawer and extract deep,  dark secrets.

However…"mind-reading" does work. There are legitimate techniques you can use to divine someone's most private information that actually feels like magic, even when you tell your subject none of it is real. 

As an incredibly cool party trick or social icebreaker, the skills any user can pick up from the How to Read Minds Kit are invaluable.

Call it a magic trick or call it heightened perception, this training designed and delivered by world-renowned mentalist Peter Turner is unquestionably the real deal.

Included in this kit are 20 effective techniques to make you appear to be an all-knowing super-computer of a brain. And in a way, you kind of are!

This collection also features 14 special items to help make the illusion even more real, including a custom credit card, a wallet, a notepad and more. Most of these pieces are just there to help you build the mentalist myth, but they definitely help spin your spell.

Using the tactics in this kit, you'll be able to pull off some amazing feats, like uncovering someone's phone unlock code or pinpointing the word they're trying desperately to hide from you. You'll be able to figure out someone's PIN number, predict their choices before they make them, and generally freak people out with the way you dig deep into their psyche. They may know intellectually that you can't read their mind, but that won't keep them from feeling you've got some definite mojo working.

The reality is that many of us can be awkward or unsure in social situations. Armed with this skill, you'll always have that proverbial ace up your sleeve to instantly be the guy or girl in a group that has everybody intrigued.

Funded by a Kickstarter campaign in just 90 minutes, the How to Read Minds Kit is basically fun in a box. Regularly $119, you can get the set and all the extras now for $20 off, down to $99.

Prices are subject to change.

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