Rick Springfield stars in a musical slasher film sequel to "Jessie's Girl"

Prog-emo band Coheed and Cambria have always had a penchant for the dramatic, having built their career on a multi-generational 4th-wall-busting sci-fi rock opera spanning multiple albums. So it's only natural that the next stage in their musical growth would be … a sonic sequel to "Jessie's Girl" where Jessie gets the girl but she turns out to be a psychotic killer?

Sure, I probably deserved it
(Damn right, yes you did, damn right yes you did, boy)
What kind of friend was I?
The hunter became the hunted
(Strange to me then, makes sense to me now)
When I creeped into her life

Oh, so I changed my number
To 867-5309
That didn't, that didn't, that didn't stop her
She wouldn't let me leave her house alive
She's out of, she's out of, she's out of her mind

Even Rick Springfield himself was apparently entertained by the idea; he appears as a bartender in the music video, who (spoiler) is later revealed to be Jessie himself, who sings in the bridge that:

When she broke his heart that fateful night
Jessie played sincere, he sure seemed cool
What I hadn't known was I was his fool
We're married now, house, job, three kids
Dreaming of what life could have been
Stranded on the ifs and maybes
Had I left that monster in the '80s!