The Burning Man Multiverse is on like Donkey Kong

Because of the dumpster fire that is 2020, there is no IRL Black Rock City this summer. But there is Burning Man Multiverse and Burn Week is nigh, people. It starts August 30 and goes through September 6.

Am I going to participate in it? Darn right I am. My first Burning Man was 1995. I was 24. I've gone many times since and have worked with the Project in various roles over the years. I wouldn't miss it for the world. Is it "Black Rock City"? No, it is not, and really it's not meant to be. It is a new frontier, not a substitute for the real thing, and I'm down for that. (YMMV.)

Getting a Bird's-eye view of the Man.

I couldn't wait for Burn Week proper, so I've already been dipping my toes into the Multiverse pool. Mostly I've been checking out BRCvr, a virtual reality space found on Altspace VR. Now, I don't have any VR equipment (total noob) but am able to access the space right from my PC (and you can too). There is a learning curve, mostly on how to move around in the space, so if you want to join in for Burn Week itself, download Altspace and start practicing now.

So far, it's been a lot of fun. And just like the the IRL Burning Man, there are surprises around every corner. I've been exploring different events (last night I went "skating" at a Black Rock Roller Disco party), meeting new people (shout-out to #GetSocial!), checking out the playa from above while flying (yes, flying — whee!), and riding around in Mutant Vehicles. My friend Rebecca Evans is a VR expert and has been a most excellent tour guide.

My friend Rebecca Evans showing me around Center Camp.

I also want to mention Black Rock Prime, the Minecraft multiverse. While I haven't experienced it myself, my friend Michael Wertz is building away in there and shared:

Our camp (WERQ) has a gigantic pink bubble and an aquarium… We're at 6:30 & A. 

Here's how to log in if you're curious (and have access to a 12 year old with MineCraft): 

The BlackRockPrime Minecraft server is open! Build your camp and art in a 1 to 1 recreation of Black Rock City! Come take a look around, or make your own build! (requires Java Edition 1.16)Live Map

"Spacebear" by Michael Wertz, in Black Rock Prime

There are plenty more virtual spaces in the Burning Man Multiverse! The major ones are listed on Burning Man's Kindling page. Me? I'm busy making a minor one in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. HMU (rusty at blazenhoff dot com) if you play the game and want an invite to visit during Burn Week. I'll also be hanging around the Blue Light District in BRCvr, possibly giving tours and whatnot.

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images via Rusty Blazenhoff, Rebecca Evans, and Michael Wertz