This magnetically-tipped USB-C cable is convenient, sturdy, and 70% off

Charging cables seem like they're made of tissue paper. It doesn't take over a few weeks of use before most new cables are already showing signs of significant wear. All it takes are a couple of bad bends or an accidental yank at the wrong angle to immediately kill some of these flimsy connectors.

And speaking of accidental yanks, there's also what happens to your laptop, phone or other device when you inadvertently snag a cable while your device is charging. If it's perched on a table or countertop, you might be facing an ugly or expensive outcome.

The Plugies MagTech cable was built to avoid all of those ugly fates and serve out a long life as the only serious charging or connection cable you ever need for your USB-C compatible devices.

The MagTech cable's chief calling card is its convenient magnetically connected head. This cable features a magnetic snap-and-charge plug crafted from anodized aluminum. Outfitted with double-sided neodymium magnets, the head easily snaps off and onto the 6-foot, 6-inch cable for a simple fuss-free connection.

If you're fumbling around in the dark to connect a device or looking to plug in your phone while you're driving, the easy connectability is a huge plus. And if you accidentally snag the cable while it's hooked to a laptop, the connection snaps apart gently, rather than sending your device crashing to the floor.

And the MagTech isn't just reinforced at those magnetic tips. The entire length of the cable is shielded in a thick nylon braiding as well as constructed with actually thicker wiring to make sure bends are easily accommodated. This cable is built sturdy enough that even serious wear and tear won't send it to an early grave.

Right now, you can also pick up a Plugies MagTech cable at a big enough discount that you can upgrade your cabling everywhere that you charge up and connect. Retailing for $39, it's on sale now at 70 percent off the regular price, available for just $11.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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