Learn how to not kill your house plants with this green thumb gardening training

We regularly alert you all to deals on professional skills training or new tech talents you can add to either bolster your resume or help you fill your time. But this time, we're gonna suggest a different route entirely. This time, we want you to put the laptop or game controller down — and go outside.

We also want you to start digging around in the soil, getting your hands dirty and cultivating life. Gardening burns calories, lowers your blood pressure, relieves stress and frankly, growing something makes you happier and a better person. But since many of us have zero skills in this area, The Green Thumb Gardening Bundle can get you up to speed on some of the basics.

This six-course, 10-hour instruction package offers up everything you need to start feeling comfortable as a true person of the Earth, including tips on planting propagation, woodworking and even the design aesthetic to create the natural zen space we're all looking for.

The training starts with the planting primer Gardening for Beginners: House Plants, Succulents, and Herbs. Even if your closest experience with vegetation had been the mushrooms in Mario Kart, this course breaks it all down, including five houseplants that look great and are easy to care for to build your confidence as a true gardener.

Armed with those tips and hints for green thumb mastery, the training moves to Vegetables, Herbs, and Planters and Pruning and Training Plants for Beginners. These courses take your instruction outdoors, with step by step instructions for growing your own lettuces, radishes, peas, tomatoes, and carrots; as well as a simple, easy way to understand why we prune and how, when, and where we prune.

Ornamental Plants Propagation gets into the natural reproductive process for propagating your own plants, while Create a Bumper Garden with Creative Woodworking gets into how to build wooden planters that look great without costing a fortune.

Finally, Designing Gardens and Drawing Plans for Beginners walks you through the design principles of creating a garden of your own.

It one of the healthiest hobbies you could ever try — and with this package, it's also one of the least expensive. This nearly $1,200 package of training is on sale now for just $19.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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