UFO turns out to be balloon

A reported UFO in the Congo turned out to be a Loon Balloon, floated 20km up to provide cellular internet out in the sticks. The operators neglected to tell the relevant authorities what they were doing; two UFO hunters ended up in jail while Loon, a subsidiary of Google holding company Alphabet, smoothed things out.

Images shared on social media showed people inspecting a large silver-coloured contraption fitted with solar panels and wires, which had landed in the tropical forest of Bas-Uele province in the northern Democratic Republic of Congo, trailing a large deflated balloon.

Locals alerted the security services after the object fell to earth … He said police had detained two people, a Congolese and a Pakistani national, who had arrived in Buta with the purpose of searching for the device. The mystery was solved on Tuesday afternoon when Loon, a subsidiary of Alphabet, claimed the object.

5G and UFO conspiracy theories, sitting in a tree.

Photo courtesy Loon LLC