Flux 7 lets you build cool web pages, no matter your coding experience

Web design apps come with a lot of preconceived notions these days. While once there was an assumption that only hardcore codeheads could figure out how to string enough HTML and CSS together to craft a working website, web building tools have changed the game completely. 

Now, the ease of many drag-and-drop web editors has democratized the process of creating your own websites and pages. Now users expect web creation to come easily.

Thankfully, the Flux 7 web design app delivers on that expectation, or as Apple World Today describes it as a tool that simply "makes hand-coding easier."

As with most of the best building aids these days, Flux 7 allows users to approach page construction from two angles. For those with no coding know-how, Flux 7's WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) engine lets users build strictly by eye, building dynamic, ultra-functional pages without even touching a line of code. 

Of course, for those with a little more background, Flux 7 also has all the functions seasoned web designers expect to fully customize pages to the smallest detail. But even if you know just enough code to understand it, but not enough to keep yourself out of trouble, Flux 7 has your back with their Code Context feature. It allows users to look at the code and roll over it to get insight into what it all means and how to make any changes. It's practically its own little coding tutorial as you build.

Either way, Flux 7 makes the process of creating for the web extremely easy. You can move elements like graphics and text on to pages, then modify properties like their size, position, colors, textures, and styles. Flux 7 even lets you insert cool dynamic JavaScript-based action, all with the same no-fuss, simple functionality. It also supports responsive design with additions from Bootstrap, Skeleton or others to create your own cool web solutions.

FTP and SFTP support lets users work directly on the server copy of their site and with the included templates, users at any experience level can get started in no time.

A lifetime of access to Flux 7's web design suite of tools would normally cost $99, but right now, you can save half off that price and get all the Flux 7 advantages for only $49.

Prices are subject to change.

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