The ODii Ultimate Grab-It Gadget is the car helper you never knew you desperately needed

Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Homer decided to get grossly overweight so he could claim a disability and work from home? Once he'd achieved his dream, the largely immobile Homer's tool of choice was his "reaching broom," a normal broom Homer would use to tap the keys of his computer while he sat a few feet away on the couch.

If it wouldn't look so weird, we'd all love for our arms to be a foot or two longer, capable of reaching stuff from across the room or snaking under car seats and couch cushions to fish out lost items. 

In that vein, the ODii Ultimate Grab-It Gadget would definitely be right up Homer's alley.

When your credit card or smartphone slips out of your hand and slides under the car seat, the Ultimate Grabbing Tool is on the case. Sized to fit right in your glovebox, the Grab-It has a 19-inch flexible claw you can maneuver down into those dark depths, snag your lost treasure in its ultra-strong grip with the easy to use controls, and hoist it back out. For such a tiny gadget, the Grab-It has some hidden strength, capable of grabbing on to an item up to 10 lbs. and bringing it back.

To max out its helpfulness, the Grip-It also has a 23-inch flexible telescopic magnet to click on to any lost coins or jewelry. There's also a detachable LED flashlight that can help make sure you can actually see what you're doing down there.

While it's especially nifty for use in your vehicle, the Grab-It has some handy talents around the house too, including snagging stuff under the couch, lost socks that fall behind the dryer, or if something slips down the kitchen sink.

This offer gets you a pair of the ODii Ultimate Grab-It Gadgets to try out — and right now, you can save $10 off the purchase. Regularly $59, the two-pack is on sale now for only $49.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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