Finally, a smart bike helmet that lights your way, protects your brain and still looks cool

Nobody thinks they're going to get into an accident, which is half the reason why bicycle riders often sneer at wearing a helmet. The other half of the reason is obvious — helmets usually make you look incredibly dorky.

So the trick for any manufacturer is coming up with a helmet that's both cool as well as functional enough to potentially save your life if needed.

Lumos may have cracked the code with its Lumos smart LED helmet, a piece of protective headgear that safeguards your head and includes enough smart features to make you smile at its ingenuity. And yes, it doesn't make you look like a dork either.

Perfect for commuters, touring riders or even inline skaters, and rollerbladers, the Lumos Kickstart has 70 integrated LED lights that don't just light your way with their forward radiance, but also signals turns, alerts other drivers to braking and generally turns a bike rider into a true vehicle driver. 

With the handlebar-mounted remote, you hit the button just like a turn signal — and the lights respond. The integrated accelerometer also charts your speed automatically so when you slow down, the red lights in the rear of the helmet light to signal you're braking. You can also sync the Kickstart to your Apple Watch, which senses hand signals for left and right turns, then lights the signals appropriately.

Even in twilight or nighttime hours, you can still travel with a sense of security, knowing you will be seen by motorists and other drivers on the road.

In addition to tracking your signals, the helmet also connects to the Lumos app, which allows you to customize your lights, track activity, or sync with other apps like Strava and Apple Health. The rechargeable battery runs for about three hours, which should be able to get most riders through their entire commuting week on a single charge.

Meanwhile, your head remains constantly protected by the helmet's EPS foam core and impact resistant polycarbonate shell.

It's not only a step forward for cycling headwear, but the Lumos Kickstart is also a money-saver as well with the current offer. Regularly $179, it's currently 20 percent off at just $142.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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