ICYMI, here are 38 of the coolest deals that are on sale this week

Every week, Boing Boing inundates you with attention-worthy offers for cool stuff.  And frankly, it's probably too much cool stuff — because there's no realistic way you could follow along and keep track of it all. 

Our bad. Enthusiasm can get the better of us all. But we can get pretty excited about these deals too and just want to share. 

In that spirit, we wanted to give everybody another shot at some of the best offers we've come across that you may have missed over the past seven days. Consider it a public service. Enjoy!

Stay Safe

Premium Everyday Face Mask – $11.99; originally $12

With two ultra-breathable cotton layers and a full block anti-pollution center, here's your ticket to staying safe out in the world from airborne contaminants. It's also hand-washable and dries fast for continued reuse. 

2-Layer Knit Jersey Face Mask (5-Pack) – $24.99; originally $40

Perfect for all-day wear and extra breathable for the summer months, you get a 5-pack with an assortment of colors like grey, black, green, or blue. They're super comfortable while also helping you protect yourself and others from stray germs and particulates.

Kontact: The Germ-Free Touch Tool (2-Pack) – $27.99; originally $49

It's become an everyday carry essential, and this antimicrobial solid brass tool for opening doors, pressing buttons, touching screens and more can help you avoid exposure to 99 percent of contaminated surfaces. 

Klean+ Crisp Lavender Hand Sanitizer (1.69 Fl Oz / 6-Pack) – $38.99; originally $47

Infused with therapeutic essential oils and leaves, these travel-ready sanitizers shield hands from germ-based infections while leaving them feeling soft and moisturized. Utilizing a costlier food-grade pure ethanol mixture, Klean+ is better for your hands and better for your family. 

AMASS Botanic Hand Sanitizer (Eight Bottles) – $139.99; originally $174

This blend of botanicals including cinnamon, allspice, clove, and eucalyptus was inspired by the mixture that helped protect medieval Europe from the plague. It's also alcohol-based, so it disinfects fast while also hydrating your skin with soothing aloe.


lytepop Electrolyte Infused Popcorn – $17.95; originally $24

Have you ever tried popcorn charged with electrolytes? Those minerals that help keep your body hydrated and at optimal performance are all throughout this health-conscious snack. They're high fiber, low calorie and the perfect crunch to fuel you back up for the rest of your day.

mbarc 7-Day Weekly Pill Organizer – $26; originally $30

Cheap plastic pill cases are a dime a dozen, but this handcrafted organizer made with real wood, aluminum, silicone and more is a big step up. It takes care of all your pill storage needs and isn't so embarrassing you'll have to hide it when guests come over.

Wooden Balance Rocker Board – $39.95; originally $79

If you want a tight, toned core, low-impact exercises like this rocker board can help get you there. Burn calories all day at your standing desk as you not only increase your agility, but stimulate core muscles to improve your balance and maximize your stand-up work routine.

Slant Board Calf Stretcher – $56.99; originally $99

With four different angle adjustments, you can relieve calf tightness and increase your flexibility while you attack problems like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, knee pain, and more.

Power Plate DualSphere Targeted Vibration Massager – $99.99

With its unique contoured shape and exclusive textured design, the DualSphere delivers concentrated massage right at muscle ache and helps stimulate blood flow in hard to reach areas along your spine, neck and more.

Honeycomb Breathable Sitting Gel Cushion – $71.99; originally $89

The silicone honeycomb design of this cushion conforms to your tailbone and promotes good posture as it absorbs pressure points and relieves back pain. Meanwhile, the honeycomb grid allows air to circulate through the cushion, so it stays cool and dry even after hours of sitting.

Refresh Memory Foam Pillow – $79; originally $109

The memory foam naturally adapts to your head and neck and reacts to pressure changes, redistributing your weight more evenly. Meanwhile, the highly breathable foam and cover work together to provide the coolest and most comfortable night's sleep possible. 

Tech Under $50

Screen Mom Screen Cleaning Super Bundle – $23.99; originally $29

The Screen Mom is more than just giving your TV a once-over with a dry rag. The special screen cleaning potion eliminates all fingerprints, smudges, dust, streaks, and all other debris from your screens with the help of the included microfiber towels. It's odor-free and chemical-free too.

Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector for iPhone 11 Pro/X/XS – $29.99; originally $46

This tempered glass screen shield protects your retinas from the ravages of blue light, blocking 90 percent of the harmful rays from your tech that can lead to headaches, eye irritation, and sleeplessness. This premium coverage is available for several iPhone and Android phone models.

M9B Wireless In-Ear Stereo Headset – $24.99; originally $34

Lightweight, compact, and sweatproof, these in-ear headphones feature 10mm drivers to pump out enhanced bass and crystal clarity. They also feature a locked-in fit that blocks outside noise for a premium audio experience.

Crave Octane Bluetooth Earphones (Black) – $29.99; originally $49

In addition to deep, thumping bass and crystal-clear treble, these water and sweat resistant wireless earbuds feature a battery offering up to eight hours of play on a single charge. And after listening, all you've got to do to turn these off is let the magnetic earbuds lock together…that's it.

Mountie Plus Second Display Grip – $31.99; originally $34

This firm, stable grip can turn your tablet into a steady second screen for your laptop. Compatible with iPads and tablets, as well asMacBooks and other laptops, these grips are made to avoid putting any undue pressure on the screen, while the unit also handles pass-through charging while keeping cables safely tucked behind your laptop.

C51 Gen2 SuperSpeed+ USB-C 10Gbps Adapter – $49.99; originally $84

Here's the gadget that syncs all your tech together. Featuring five outputs, including two USB ports and an HDMI port, you can transfer files at twice the speed, mirror your laptop display to a second device or monitor and even connect headphones through the 3.5mm audio jack. It's a  Swiss Army knife of connectivity.

Big Boy Toys

Motorola Smart Safe with Secure Wall Mounting – $109.99; originally $129

Mount this to your wall, then rest easy as this award-winning smart safe delivers 24/7 real-time security alerts to your smartphone, keeping you connected at all times to the state of your valuables. Through the app, you can even pop the safe open from virtually anywhere.

GoFish Cam Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera – $149.99; originally $149

The GoFish perches on your fishing line and takes the guesswork out of fishing, allowing you to see exactly how fish are reacting to your bait. When synced to your phone, you can also record video so you'll always be able to share the evidence of the ones that get away.

MOZA AirCross 2 Professional Kit with Focus Accessory – $439.99; originally $519

The Moza is a pro-grade camera gimbal, capable of helping you capture cinema quality fluid shots with larger cameras that often send lesser gimbals running. With up to 12 hours of battery life, you can enjoy full automatic rotation, speed adjustments and angle control to create virtually any video shots you can dream up.


LUFT Cube Portable Filterless Air Purifier – $99.99; originally $149

Lightweight and portable, this cube uses its patented purification system along with UV LED light to destroy toxic chemical gases, molds, bacteria, allergens, and unpleasant smells. It's energy efficient, doesn't require a filter and it's eco-friendly, emitting no ozone to go with its clean, fresh air.

PURO²XYGEN P500 Air Purifier – $169.97; originally $229

The highly calibrated sensors detect contaminants in the air, then the 6-stage purification system starts removing 99.98 percent of all airborne contaminants, including pet dander, mold, dust, viruses, bacteria, and more. It's also rocking a soft LED night light to cast just the right mood in your room, office, kitchen, bathroom or other space that needs some purifying.

Zero Breeze Mark 2 Cordless Battery Air Conditioner – $1,279; originally $1,399

No cords and no connections, yet the Zero Breeze Mark 2 brings brilliant air conditioning in a virtually handheld device. Set it up in any space and the built-in 24V micro inverter compressor will drop your temperature up to 30 degrees in just 10 minutes. It's also 60 percent lighter and almost half the size of traditional plug-in air conditioners.


VENQUE Airlight Bag – $109.99; originally $129

Inspired by traditional doctor bags, the AirLight is half travel bag, half backpack and all versatile. The lightweight fabric is water and weather resistant, so your belongings always stay dry while the inside has enough space for you to carry almost everything, including a padded compartment for a laptop and other fragile equipment.

Johnny Fly Traveler Duffle – $288.99; originally $360

Nothing says Old World style like genuine leather — and this duffel is crafted for upscale adult travel. Double-stitched to ensure durability and strength, this spacious bag has ample room, padded shoulder straps for easy carrying and even brass features to give it a firm grounding when you set it down.

Selk'bag Lite 6G Sleepwear System (Blue) – $79.99; originally $99

If you're out camping, you just might appreciate the outdoorsman's answer to the Snuggie. Designed for maximum comfort and warmth with a wide range of motion, this wearable bag regulates temperature for warm and cold environments, while making sure you never have to tote a sleeping bag around ever again.


nOcean Wearable Reusable Silicone Straw – $15.99; originally $20

It looks and wears like a stylish bracelet, but it's actually a medical grade silicone and surgical steel reusable drinking straw. Thanks to this straw (and its helpful cleaner), you won't heap another single-use straw into our world's landfills ever again.

MagicLight Colorful Smart LED Light Bulbs – $30.99; originally $39

This 4-pack of LED bulbs are energy efficient and dance through over 16 million different colors and white tones. Sync it up to your phone and through the app, you can customize your lights to match any mood you're trying to set.

Down Alternative Reversible Comforter Set (Gray & Light Gray/Queen) – $45; originally $120

Designed for healthy living and 100 percent hypoallergenic, this luxury comforter presents a quality alternative to down and is as cozy as it looks all year round. You also get shams with tiny hidden zippers so your pillows can be integrated seamlessly into a fantastic bedding collection that looks gorgeous.

AXIS Gear Smart Blinds Controller – $199.99; originally $249

The AXIS Gear turns your home window shades into smart shades. Within 5 minutes of installation, you can motorize and automate your blinds and coverings — and it's all controllable right through a phone app.

Rose Box Premium Jewelry Box & Everlasting Roses – $259; originally $349

They're the classic red roses everybody loves — and you'll get 16 beautiful blooms that'll live for a full year. Sourced from Ecuador and packed in a classic glass box, this is a truly epic way of expressing your love for an eternal Valentine.

Giant Art "Space Cadet" by Hidden Moves – $441.95; originally $552

This print by artist and designer Rhys Owens is almost as hypnotic and stimulating as it is large. Almost. At a whopping 48 by 72 inches, this is giant wall art that makes an immediate statement in any living room, bedroom, office or den.

Smoking and CBD

Rise CBD Ground Coffee – $23.99; originally $32

This CBD-infused blend by Bean and Bud crosses the highest quality Arabica coffee beans, hints of raspberry and dark chocolate and full spectrum hemp extract for a naturally processed and infused morning or afternoon pick-me-up.

Mighty Safe Vacuum Vault – $26.99; originally $29

The Mighty Safe solves the problem of expensive edibles going stale. Just lock 'em in the vacuum vault, where this stainless-steel food grade storage container will lock in the freshness and of your treat for up to 15 days while locking out curious kids or pets.

Genius Pipe – $64.99; originally $99

This ingeniously stylish and durable little innovation stores your smokeables, then once lit, cools your smoke for a smoother, tastier flavor. The whole thing stashes easily in your pocket, is easy to light on the go and makes sampling your herb that much simpler.

High Expectations Smoking Tool – $79.99; originally $90

Don't let the Art Deco trappings fool you — this pipe is anything but old school. The waterless filtering system comes with a Genius TruTaste screen and an Evolution slider to help you get the most out of your smoking.

The Herbal Infuser – $129.99; originally $144

Here's how to infuse everything from butter, oil, alcohol, honey and more with cannabis-infused goodness. With a built-in countdown timer and state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled infusion cycles, Hi transfers plant compounds from herbs into your base, setting the stage for epic cookie, brownie and other pot-fueled treats.

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