If forced to play Monopoly, use this gameplan

Monopoly is just such a beautifully designed game. The orange and yellow cards with the iconic temporarily embarrassed millionaire. The cast metal player tokens, the green houses and red hotels. The attractively colored currency. What a shame the game is not very much fun to play. Has anyone created a set of rules that makes Monopoly fun? In any case, if you find yourself being forced to play a game of Monopoly, Reddit user FatherofGray has some advice for winning.

Never buy purple, brown, utilities or railroads with the intent of completing the set – instead use them as trades with worae players that think they're good. Railroads in particular are VERY in demand but awful unless you get all 4, at which point they're still worse than the light blues.

The most valuable properties are the oranges and reds because that's where most people land after getting out of jail – thr most common spot to be on in the game. Do pretty much anything you can to get a full set of orange or red. Yellow and light blue are also excellent choices.

Always buy everything you can. 7 turns into the game money becomes worthless in comparison to your properties. Always insist on auctioning a property to the highest bidder if they don't buy it, as per the rules.

You need to get a full set as soon as possible, and put 4 houses on each – never a hotel. As per the rules, once the houses in the box are gone, nobody can get anymore, and therefore no hotels. That's the actual MONOPOLY – the number of houses you can get.

As soon as the last house is taken, anyone without 3+ houses on a set has lost. So you have to make any deals possible to get that full set. Hell, take the browns if you can.