Rhino calf zoomies are a thing, too

The Auckland Zoo posted adorable footage of Jamila and Zambezi's first calf having fun doing laps around her mum. The baby rhino was just born a few weeks ago and clearly has a lot of pent up energy.

Look how cute she was just a couple of weeks ago!

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We have THE BEST news for you this week – Jamila has given birth to a healthy rhino calf! 🥰🦏 This is a momentous occasion for all Aucklanders as it's the first time in twenty years that a rhino calf has been born at Auckland Zoo, as well as an incredible win for the Australasian breeding programme. This sturdy female calf, with a birth weight of around 65kgs, was born in the early hours of August 14th in a speedy one-hour labour. Rhino gestation lasts 16-months in total and faecal testing for progesterone levels provided a great indicator of when Jamila would give birth. With the support of @panasonic_nz, we were able to install and utilise low light security camera equipment that allowed our ungulates team to monitor Jamila's pregnancy at all hours of the day – both at the Zoo and from home. As many of you will know, in late-2018 Jamila made the journey to Auckland from our friends at @hamiltonzoo and it was our hope that she would soon become a first-time mum. "It's been a long wait, but absolutely worth every second," says ungulates team leader Tommy. "Jamila's total focus on her calf's needs is really impressive. She's growing by the day, and as she's finding her feet, doing these little jumps, almost dancing, which is pretty adorable." It's early days so the calf and her mum have not yet ventured out into their African Savannah habitat and we'll keep you updated on when you'll be able to see them. Read more at aucklandzoo.co.nz/news 📷 – ungulates keepers Dan & Jade

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Image: YouTube / Auckland Zoo