Artist Adam Fu has mastered creating neon effects with spray paint

Art Insider profiled Adam Fu, aka Adam Fukujita, a spray paint muralist who has really figured out the trick to spray paint that looks like neon.

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I've spent the past few days taking stock of my self and my family and my community. My heart is completely broken with the state of affairs but I am enlivened and inspired by the organizing of the people and the resistance that is growing world wide. Searing into the conscious that black lives matter . I have been close with my wife and our 5 and 1 year old finding our way through what is happening. My wife and I both grew up in houses of tolerance and embracing acceptance of all. That is the home we are building for our daughters . But my cities and nations elected officials and law enforcement don't seem to think the same way. In my 19 years living in NYC I have interacted with NYPD on countless occasions. Most intimately when I worked in Horizon Academy, the men's Highschool inside Rikers Island. For two years I taught a playwriting workshop with the men in that program and got to know the system and the people that run it closely. I found myself at odds seeing some compassion for the inmates but mostly contempt. And the way human beings get to move in that space is alarming. No movement goes unseen. No freedoms are allowed . The police state we live under in America is a grotesque disaster. Toxic masculinity on top of insecurity, multiplied by systematic racism and then you give that asshole military grade weaponry and training. Fuck that system. We reject that system . Calling to defund the police may seem like a radical idea to you or some people you know. But what these animals in blue have shown us time and time again is that they can't police themselves and lack true moral fiber. Why in the world would my tax dollars and your tax dollars equate to $6 Billion in 2021 for the racist NYPD? It's absurd . Our social services system is strained due to budget cuts. Defund the police and pay the teachers, social workers, home health care professionals and mentors the money they need to truly create a group dedicated from their hearts to serve and protect their communities . Please follow my stories where I will be sharing information and amplifying voices of color more regularly than on my main page . ✊ #defundthepolice

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Image: YouTube / Art Insider