The CarAide multi-tool has over 15 different types of functionality

We've been trained to think of multitools as nifty little gadgets that slip into your pocket and give you the option of choosing between attachments like a corkscrew or a nail file or a tiny pair of pliers. We don't typically think of a multitool as able to jumpstart a vehicle.

Welcome to 2020 and a new evolution in the age of multitools. Growing beyond the Swiss Army knife on steroids stereotype, multitools are becoming even handier, bulking up to take on a variety of more demanding tasks, especially in the wake of a true emergency. 

The CarAIDE represents that next stage in the growth of the multitool, a device born from over $100,000 in Kickstarter funding and billed as the world's most powerful multifunctional jump starter, device charger and emergency tool ever.

And multifunctional, it is. In fact, the CarAIDE is sporting 18 different handy abilities in its 9-inch, 2.2-lb. solid metal frame. Probably none of the CarAIDE's talents are more eye-catching than how it can jump-start a car with no jumper cables or a second vehicle needed. Just attach the CarAIDE to any 12V battery found in most cars, motorcycles and ATVs and, if it's got at least a 50 percent charge already, the CarAIDE can safely jumpstart the vehicle in seconds on its own.

While it's got enough juice to get a car running, the CarAIDE's 8,000mAh power bank can also charge up other electronic devices on the go on in an emergency, including phones and laptops. The CarAIDE actually has enough power to charge an iPhone X three times before it needs a recharge itself.

And that's just two of the CarAIDE's marquee abilities. It also serves as a window breaker, a flashlight, an emergency SOS flasher, a seatbelt cutter, a burglar alarm, a compass and more, all in one ergonomically designed flashlight shape engineered to rest comfortably in your hand.

Of course, rest might not be the best word to describe the CarAIDE. Slip, shock, water, and dirt-resistant, it's a perfect throw-it-in-the-glovebox-or-trunk-just-in-case piece of equipment.

GearJunkie called the CarAIDE "a must-have purchase for drivers everywhere" — and that purchase is now available at 20 percent off the regular price. Retailing for $99, the CarAIDE is available now at $20 off, just $79 while this deal lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

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