You can play ping pong on any table with this set that's on sale for under $45

We've all been cooped up for the past six months — and whether you want to admit it or not, our heightened state of existence has probably got your competitive juices flowing at least a little. No matter how you currently feel about the other people in your household, you're probably more than ready to serve up a healthy serving of in-your-face to any and all comers.

It turns out all you need to administer that satisfying thrashing to everyone in your path is a decent-sized tabletop.

With this fun Portable Home Table Tennis Set, you've got all the trappings to turn any table into your own personal Thunderdome, meting out paddlings with the utmost prejudice.

Assuming you've got enough tabletop space to make it interesting, this adjustable, high-density nylon mesh net can be clipped to virtually any surface. It extends up to 74 inches with a retractable spring clip system, so it's always incredibly easy to put up or take down.

And with the net in place, all you need to do is hand your victim one of the multilayer wood board paddles, send them to their side of the table — and commence with the whupping.

The net rolls up cleanly in between eviscerations, so if you'd like to take your murderous rampage on the road, all your pieces are highly portable, so the bloodbath can continue virtually anywhere.

You might not realize it, but over 10 million players compete in sanctioned table tennis tournaments each year. So once you've destroyed everybody in your current orbit, it's not impossible that you could take your swath of ping pong destruction nationwide — or even global. It's still an Olympic sport as well, so in case you need a new goal to shoot for, this handy home kit could send you on to Tokyo next year. Opening ceremonies happen July 23, 2021, so you've got time.

Right now, you can get the net, two rackets, three balls and a future of sports stardom for $6 off the regular price, only $42.99. It's a small price to pay for eternal glory.

Prices are subject to change.

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