'Crop artist' makes portrait of Kamala Harris in a Kansas field

A portrait of VP nominee Kamala Harris has "cropped up" in a Kansas field. It's the work of artist Stan Herd whose bio reads, "The earth, my canvas."

He writes:

Began an earthwork of Democratic nominee Joe Biden in early March, days before COVID-19 news and stay-at-home orders would sweep the nation. The ground swallowed up the portrait a few weeks later.

On the afternoon of August 11, Biden announced his running mate – Kamala Harris. Within minutes, I began work on her portrait intersecting the circle where Biden's image had been laid.

The artwork was created on Juniper Hill Farms, north of Lawrence, Kansas and in full view of planes landing at the Lawrence Municipal Airport.

(Pee-wee Herman)

screengrab via Kansas City Star/YouTube