20 home security deals on sale for up to 70% off in honor of Labor Day

To say your home is your castle is particularly noteworthy right now. Since most of us barely seem to leave the house anymore, its battlements, towers and overall security have never been more important.

Most of us don't use moats anymore (although it's an interesting idea…), but safeguarding the perimeter of your castle from outside threats is no minor task. Thankfully, we think we can help. We gathered up 20 of the best current deals on top-flight security cameras and other accessories to offer a level of protection befitting your home base. 

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Cameras Under $50

Hombli Smart Indoor Camera – $33.95 after discount; originally $99

You can now watch your home from anywhere with this smart indoor camera featuring crystal clear 1080p HD video, night vision, 2-way audio, and storage with MicroSD or Cloud service. With a very user-friendly interface, you can control your home surveillance at all times with notifications instantly when the cam detects motion or sound.

Sinji Pan Tilt Indoor Camera – $33.95 after discount; originally $119

With this cam, you can not only remotely control all of its duties via their app, but you can even rotate and tilt the camera up to 355 degrees to catch just the angle you want to see. And with 128GB of on-board video storage, you can hang on to footage for a while before you need to clear room.

XC Security Camera – $37.39 after discount; originally $59

With precision motion and sound detection, you'll get immediate alerts on your smartphone and never miss a thing that happens in your home. In addition to a built-in 90dB siren, you can also run this cam right through your Amazon Alexa, snapping images, recording video and more, all via voice commands.

CapsuleCam WDR Security Camera – $37.39 after discount; originally $89

Extreme light and dark can wash out important details a smart cam captures, so the exclusive Starlight Vision technology in the CapsuleCam lets you see clearer images in color, whether in broad daylight, low light, or even in the dark. Meanwhile, its Wide Dynamic Range feature brightens dark areas and darkens light areas for better detection and recognition.

Sharper Image Pan/Tilt 720p HD Wi-Fi Security Camera – $38.24 after discount; originally $99

With the Home Connect app, this compact surveillance cam makes sure you can watch live streaming video right on your phone no matter where you are. It's also wall and ceiling mountable, so you can position your electronic eye virtually anywhere.

blurams Dome Pro 1080p Security Camera – $42.49 after discount; originally $59

Here's a camera who actually knows if the person in your house should actually be in your house. With facial recognition, the Dome Pro creates a database of approved friends and family members, so whenever someone is seen who isn't on the list, you get an alert. You can even sync up four blurams cams and watch them all work together through the convenient app.

Cameras Over $50

Sinji Smart Outdoor Camera – $50.95 after discount; originally $199

Calibrated for the outdoors, this cam gives you all the WiFi connectivity and real-time video of indoor cameras for your garage, driveway, yard and porch areas. You can remotely control this cam from the user-friendly app and install it via your WiFi network or with an RJ45 Ethernet cable.

X1 Indoor Security Camera – $62.89 after discount; originally $99

This Red Dot Award winner blends seamlessly into most environments and has full 360-degree rotation, so absolutely nothing escapes its all-seeing gaze. With two-way audio, you can not only see, but communicate with anyone in your house through the Bosma app.

Kami 1080P Indoor/Outdoor Home Camera Kit – $63.74 after discount; originally $119

Tech Crunch praises the Kami for "solid performance at this price" — and you'll likely appreciate the panoramic views at full HD 1080p quality resolution. But you might be even happier about the rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that can record for a whole month or up to 2,800 alert triggers.

NetGear Arlo Q Indoor Wi-Fi 1080p Security Camera (Refurbished) – $84.99 after discount; originally $199

It's a tall order to expect pristine 1080p quality video at night, but with 850nm night vision, you can see even in the dark with LEDs that illuminate up to 25 feet. As a refurbished model, this cam is fully certified to work as good as new, plus you save over half off the retail price.

RemoBell S Smart Video Doorbell Camera – $78.19 after discount; originally $99

RemoBell W Smart Video Doorbell Camera with Chime – $135.99 after discount; originally $199

Doorbell cams have become almost essential home security measures — and RemoBell has built out a full range of doorbell cams to find any home and any owner's budget. The RemoBell S sports high-quality HD video, advanced motion detection, and customizable motion zones that let you monitor and record all front door activity in real-time. 

Meanwhile, the premium RemoBell W delivers full 1080p resolution video and also comes with its own in-house chime that will sound the 90dB bell when someone approaches your door — even if they don't push the doorbell itself.


VAVA Waterproof Motion Sensor LED Spotlight – $16.99 after discount; originally $30

If you're going to see what's happening on your outdoor security video, you're going to need light — and this 300 lumens motion sensor spotlight more than does the trick. Any motion within a 120-degree angle anywhere up to 33 feet away triggers this LED flood, which also features  IP65 waterproofing and works in temperatures from 122 degrees all the way down to minus-4.

Outdoor Nation Solar Powered 22-LED Security Floodlight – $22.09 after discount; originally $59

With both motion and heat sensitivity, there isn't much that can get past this illumination blowtorch. It can not only put a spotlight on moving objects, it can also cast a wider light over a larger area for up to 60 seconds. During the day, its attached solar panel keeps the twin adjustable light heads fully charged, capable of up to 150 light bursts on a single charge.


Motorola Smart Safe with Secure Wall Mounting – $93.49 after discount; originally $129

The award-winning Motorola Smart Safe mounts to your wall, offering quick, easy storage of your valuables while providing 24/7 real-time security alerts to your smartphone for up-to-the-minute coverage. Users also get other helpful features like a water-resistant keypad, humidity and odor control system, remote open capability, an intelligent reminder system, and more.

Trova Go Discreet Biometric Storage – $211.65 after discount

If the stuff you want to protect is more compact like credit cards, small jewelry, cash or even a sensitive jump drive, the Trova Go has you covered with steel-trap security. You'll have to pair with the Trova app to get in -—and then, only with a PIN code, a fingerprint, or with facial recognition.


TOKK Fingerprint Smart Lock – $22.24 after discount; originally $49

Combinations and keys are so 20th century. The Tokk uses biometric authentication technology and only slips open with the approved fingerprint. You can program in up to 20 accepted prints and it works in standby mode for up to six months without a recharge.

Ultraloq Combo Smart Lock & Key Fob – $280.49 after discount; originally $369

This is a lock that says you're really focused on your home or office security. This Bluetooth enabled double-lock system with a deadbolt opens with a biometric fingerprint, a contactless key fob or with the simple push of a smartphone button. There's no wiring or drilling required on most doors and it works for both left-handed and right-handed door handles.


Smart Beat Video Breathing Monitor – $241.40 after discount; originally $299

A monitor for the most precious item in any home, this unit tracks your baby's breathing by actually analyzing 16 million color and pixel changes too small for the human eye to see. But the Smart Beat sees all. It'll also send you notifications if the monitor spots signs of sleep apnea, above or below normal breathing rates or even just when your baby naturally falls asleep or wakes up.

Novi Security and Smoke Starter Pack – $254.99 after discount; originally $466

The Novi not only detects any security threats, it's on guard for fire dangers as well. Combining an HD camera, motion detector, smoke sensor and a siren into an all-in-one device, it's also connected to an app so you can call police or fire, sound or deactivate the alarm, or even request a visual verification of whatever is happening inside your home.

Prices are subject to change.

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