Trump boats sink in Texas

At least 4 boats sank, no injuries reported as of late Saturday

At least four boats at a pro-Trump boat parade today sank, just like the president's poll numbers. The event was held at Lake Travis, Texas, and there was rough weather on the water.

Here's some video from local TV KXON

"A parade of boats on a Texas lake intended to honor President Donald Trump threatened to turn disastrous when multiple vessels began sinking," reports HuffPo.

Excerpt from HuffPo:

At least four boats sank, according to The New York Times. Firefighters on the scene rescued people from the water, the Lake Travis Fire Fighters Association president told the Times. No injuries were reported as of midafternoon.

The sinkings were under investigation, but law enforcement did not suspect foul play, Dark told The Associated Press.

AP spoke to the Travis County sheriff's office in Texas, which said "several" boats sank Saturday while taking part in the boat parade in support of President Donald Trump.

"We responded to multiple calls of boats in distress, several of them sank," but there are no reports of fatalities or injuries and investigators have not determined how many boats sank on the lake near Austin, according to sheriff's spokesperson Kristen Dark. "We have no reason to suspect foul play in any of these," sinkings, Dark said.

When Fox News covered the Trump Boats, they didn't even mention the boats sinking, because we live in North Korea now and everything sucks.