Personal website safari

The Cheapskate's Guide is Hunting the Nearly-Invisible Personal Website. It's a paean to the personal website presented in the form of a David Attenborough-style nature documentary about an endangered species, touching upon the contemporary difficulties of reproduction and how it suffers in a web ecology dominated by giant social media companies.

The personal website is a somewhat mysterious animal that lives mostly unobserved in the jungle of the Internet. A few inexperienced Internet users who live completely within the golden-walled gardens of Facebook and Google may not even be aware of the species' existence. Other inexperienced users may consider the personal website to be either extinct, like brontosaurus, or a myth, like Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman. The truth is that many specimens exist in the wild, but in order to successfully hunt the personal website, a hunter must know the habits of this species well.

Please allow me to be your guide on this safari through the murky and predator-filled Internet jungle, and I will lead you to some representative specimens of the personal website species and teach you hunting methods that are likely to lead you to others.

The site has many practical tips, too, such this guide to running a successful, well-trodden website on a home internet connection with only a Raspberry Pi to serve it.