If you've been looking to grab an electric longboard this one is on sale for $100 off

In case you haven't tried an electric board before, know this — it's not a toy. With 2800 watts of power, the beefy 36V, 4.4 Ah battery propels the Flowdeck X at a respectably speedy 20 mph with real stability. In fact, the motors have so much zip that they can easily shoot a rider uphill, even at a grade of up to 15 degrees.

Inside the board, the powerful 1400W dual hub motors kick up some serious performance, not to mention braking abilities that far outstrip its non-powered skateboard siblings. And unlike the brakes on your old board (aka, your feet), the Flowdeck X has a handy remote control that can serve up quick maneuverability and stopping power when needed. With that much control, it's actually safer than the boards you remember, so if you're worried about skinned knees, shredded forearms or worse, the Flowdeck does everything in its power to keep you in one piece. 

Also unlike your old board, the Flowdeck syncs to an app that lets you constantly track your speed, distance, acceleration, braking strength, and more. 

Light and strong yet flexible, this maple, fiberglass and carbon fiber deck measuring about 3 feet long is built to survive the rigors of real-world travel. Weighing in at only 18 lbs., this board is portable enough to accompany you pretty much anywhere, even on a plane.

Rather than taking the car out of the garage to run to the store or the coffee house, the Flowdeck X can get you there in a very eco-friendly and exhilaratingly fun way.

The SoFlow Flowdeck X retails for $699, so get in on this deal now to save $100 off the price and land one for just $599.

Prices are subject to change.

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