Distressed kayaker saved by priests on a floating tiki bar

Kayaker Jimmy MacDonald lost his paddle and tipped over in the choppy waters of New York's Lake George when the miraculous appearance of priests touring the lake on a floating tiki bar appeared and saved him.

Via WNYT, Tiki Tours captain Greg Barrett was shuttling the priests around when he saw the paddle, then MacDonald.

'So as soon as I turned the boat towards him, I realized his life preserver had been in the upper portion of his head and he was, he was hanging on for dear life."

They got to him, a deckhand and the passengers pulled him on board.

And here's where it gets interesting: Jimmy is a drug counselor and a recovering addict.

MacDonald laughed about it, "How funny is it that I've been sober for seven years and I get saved by a tiki bar?"

Image:  Tara Robinson from Pexels