This graph of the world's 25 richest families who are collectively worth $1.4 trillion

Visual Capitalist's graph of the world's 25 richest families includes only those that inherited their wealth (not "self-made" centi-billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, or Bill Gates). I was surprised that the Mars family is second on the list (behind the Walmart family, which is worth $215 billion). The supercilious Koch family comes in third, followed by the gentlefolk in the House of Saud. Fifth place goes to Ambani (never heard of them, but they are worth $81.3 billion), then Hermès (the graph says one of its stores in China made "$2.5 million in sales the day after it reopened after being closed during the lockdown"), followed by a lot of families I've never heard of and whom I'm sure are happy to enjoy their unimaginable wealth in relative obscurity.