Beachbells are going to be your new favorite, fully-customizable workout buddies

For power and strength training, coaches and trainers are increasingly recommending kettlebell work. These portable weights combine strength training, cardiovascular fitness, and improving your flexibility while also strengthening your core.

While kettlebells are great for explosive workouts and dynamic strength, balance and agility training, they do have a few downsides, like needing about ten different sets in different weight ranges to hit just the right effectiveness for each particular exercise.

But instead of buying multiple varieties between 5 and 100 lbs., the Beachbells portable kettlebell is an all-in-one answer many fitness enthusiasts are looking for.

The Beachbell's most appealing feature is also its simplest. Whether you want a tiny 3 lb. weight or a more formidable heft of up to 35 lbs., all you have to do is adjust your Beachbells to accommodate. It's all based on sand — just scoop up or pour out sand to your desired weight, all conveniently easy to hit thanks to helpful weight markers on the side of the big show just how much you need.

Then just fold your bag, remove the air, roll the end and clip it together as the patented system compress the sand into a tight compact weight for all of your exercises. It's ergonomically designed so it fits effortlessly into your hand, but its lightweight design makes it easy to carry to and from the beach.

With your loaded up pair of Beachbells, you're ready for any manner of intense full-body workout, whether you're looking to build strength and muscle, burn calories and lose weight, or even both. From a full-bodied 35 lbs. of swinging weight to smaller repetitive motion activities to strengthen various muscle groups, the Beachbells can help target and personalize your routines for everything up to a high-intensity cardio workout whenever you feel the urge.

This two-pack of Beachballs multi-weight portable kettlebells is regularly priced at $110, but right now, you can get the set of two for $10 off, just $99.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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