Look out, AWS and Azure…Google Cloud is coming fast and now's the time to learn about it

TL;DR: The Complete Google Cloud eBook and Video Course Bundle will get you up to speed on using one of the fastest-growing cloud platforms anywhere.

While a lion's share of the talk in the cloud services space is consumed by the big two — Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure — there's actually a third major tech player currently charging toward making that duo a trio.

Right now, Google Cloud is a modest trailer in that discussion.  But after Google CEO Sundar Pichai reported 2020 cloud revenue on track for an $8 billion showing, they've had AWS and Azure looking over their shoulder.

Considering Google's overall status and current cloud growth, now might be a great time to catch up on how to build, manage and grow a networked system on the platform with the training in The Complete Google Cloud eBook and Video Course Bundle ($29.99, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals).

This collection of video courses and ebooks goes over everything you need to know to establish a successful presence in the Google Cloud ecosystem. The 5-hour Google Cloud Platform (GCP) For Techs video is a prime introduction, featuring basics on getting started crafting a Google Cloud infrastructure while understanding features like IAM, the Google Cloud Compute Engine, VPC, CDN, load balancing, autoscaling, and more with hands-on demos.

You can also dive into the Google Cloud Machine Learning with TensorFlow video, which offers a deep exploration of building powerful and sophisticated neural networks for teaching computers to think for themselves.

From there, you've got a whole lot of reading to do as well. In all, 8 comprehensive ebooks expand your Google Cloud learning, including training in Google Cloud Platform Administration, Cloud Analytics with Google Cloud Platform, Google Cloud AI Services Quick Start Guide and more.

Whether you have visions of being a Google Cloud developer, an architect, or a machine learning expert, all this in-depth exploration of every feature in the Google Cloud environment is aimed at making you a go-to source for the care and feeding of a Google-based system.

A resource library valued at over $400, you can get this immersive Google Cloud training now for a whole lot less, just $29.99 before this offer runs out.

Prices are subject to change.

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