Incredible 1902 footage from a car on Wuppertal, Germany's Flying Train

This 1902(!) video footage of the Flying Train in Wuppertal, Germany is of such high quality it seems hard to believe. But there it is.

MoMA explains the stunning quality in the video's description:

The Flying Train" depicts a ride on a suspended railway in Germany in 1902. The footage is almost as impressive as the feat of engineering it captures. For many years our curators believed our Mutoscope rolls were slightly shrunken 70mm film, but they were actually shot on Biograph's proprietary 68mm stock. Formats like Biograph's 68mm and Fox's 70mm Grandeur are of particular interest to researchers visiting the Film Study Center because the large image area affords stunning visual clarity and quality, especially compared to the more standard 35mm or 16mm stocks.

BTW: The Schwebebahn is still in use today and is an important part of Wuppertal's public transportation system.

Image: YouTube