If public speaking chills you to the core, this training can exile that fear forever

Public speaking is a fate worse than death. Literally. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety around speaking to a crowd, otherwise known as glossophobia, impacts nearly three out of every four people. In fact, fear of public speaking is statistically more nerve-wracking than spiders, heights or even the fear of death itself.

Why does standing in front of people and saying words strike such bone-chilling anxiety in so many of us? While there are any number of reasons why, the truth is that the answer to defeating that fear isn't a mystery. It's 100 percent controllable with training that like that found in The Mastering Presentation and Public Speaking Certification Bundle.

The collection includes six separate courses packed with over 50 hours of training on not only communicating effectively in front of groups both large and small, but even how to turn that newfound skill into a true business opportunity.

The Complete Presentation and Public Speaking/Speech Course as well as the Public Speaking Breakthrough Masterclass lay the groundwork. Over these two courses, students get a complete overview of how to handle public speaking situations, from organizing your presentation to structuring your speech so that you not only enhance your presentation skills, but offer your audience a clear path to your ultimate conclusions.

Of course, the facts themselves are only half of the public speaking equation. The courses also delve into overcoming any fear, with exercises and examples for engaging with your audience and delivering your masterpiece through clear speech and positive body language to earn you a true command of any stage.

Other courses explore specialized areas of emphasis in your public speaking, from the techniques for mastering storytelling to delivering presentations in a professional setting to instilling confidence in your voice that's effective in a presentation, during one-on-one conversations or even if you're just talking on the phone.

This collection is so confident you can overcome your public speaking fears that the final course — Get Life Coaching Clients with Workshops and Speaking — explores how to turn your shortcomings into strengths, even launching life coaching speaking courses that position you as the expert capable of helping others.

Each of these six courses is valued at $99, but by getting in on this offer right now, the entire bundle is now on sale for just $39.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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