In "Color Me," anxiety feels like a Cronenberg film

Martin de Thurah blended sculpture, animation, and live action to amp up the dread in the video for Active Child's "Color Me." On the project's site, de Thurrah says, "I wanted to make something frightening, and I know it is very hard. To create a film in which someone was physically penetrated by their own anxiety. In a gentle way, with a lot of love and the possibility of healing," Active Child says:

At times you find yourself on a dark road in a deep black valley. It is hard to orient yourself. You vaguely recall who you are, but it is hard to completely grasp, you have to lay down to dissolve into the ground. We all contain darkness. A door to a strange place, where the world falls apart and becomes unrecognizable. A floaty reality, almost dreamlike. How do we respond when we have to face our own fears and mortality, and is it possible to find tranquility within the world of our nightmares?

They're exploring these themes on, a site that donates to Danish mental health services.

Image: YouTube / Active Child