CNN's Jake Tapper finally ends Trump aide interview for not answering questions

White House aide Peter Navarro put on quite a show Sunday when he appeared on Jake Tapper's program to discuss the West Coast wildfires and the Covid-19 pandemic. Navarro didn't directly answer any of Tapper's questions and got upset when Tapper interrupted him in an attempt to get Navarro to directly answer the questions.

From The Daily Beast:

"This is not fair, Jake. You're constantly interrupting me and you're not letting me talk," Navarro complained.

"You're not answering my question," Tapper replied.

"You just don't like the answer," Navarro further grumbled.

The Trump adviser whined that Tapper was "cherry-picking" and "having it both ways," alleging that "nobody knew" how catastrophic the virus was in February.

"He knew it was deadlier than the flu and he was lying to the American public two weeks later," Tapper sighed, adding: "I'm not cherry-picking. He was not honest with the American people. You're not answering the question."

Navarro, in return, accused Tapper and CNN of "not being honest with the American people," threatening the host to "go there," leading Tapper to finally cut the interview off while the trade aide was still talking.