Fox News' Chris Wallace suffers Trump advisor's nonsensical answers

"We have to look at the timeline," and "fog of war." Sound familiar? I don't understand why the news networks bother to interview Trump's obfuscating apparatchiks, other than for the black humor value.

From Salon:

"Why not level with the American people, Steve?" Fox News host Chris Wallace asked.

"This was the fog of war, biological war," [Trump campaign adviser Steve] Cortes insisted.

"I'm going to interrupt you right there," Wallace interjected. "It wasn't the fog of war. On January 28, the president got his presidential daily brief, the top intelligence in the Oval Office. And at that point, his national security adviser, Robert O'Brien said that this is the biggest challenge you're going to face in your entire presidency."

"So there was no fog of war there," the Fox News host added. "The word that he was getting from his top intelligence and national security people was that this was a deadly pandemic. There was no fog here."

"No, no, there was tremendous fog!" Cortes objected.