How to make an eight-ball out of stainless steel and brass

'First, you'll need a steel cylinder and an proportionately sized smaller cylinders of brass and steel to serve as the eight-ball's eye and number. Second, you'll need a metal shop outfitted with the equipment necessary to do "very accurate work."

My Mechanics:

I had this idea since I recently discovered how to easily make balls on the milling machine and lathe. As I currently don't know what to restore next, I decided to make the 8 ball. It was a very cool little project. Very accurate work was needed to get all six individual pieces fit together with no gaps. The hardest part of this project was filming the last few shots, because it is so super shiny now and reflects everything. I really like how it turned out and it will be a nice decoration piece to look at.

The result is astonishing, an object of true beauty. $25 in materials.