A major QAnon hub has shut down after its founder was outed

On September 10, 2020, the fact-checking site Logically.ai posted a lengthy and fascinating article into how they tracked down the identity of the man behind the so-called "QMap":

In the world of QAnon, the site qmap.pub is something of a sacred text. It's a site designed to collect Q's posts on other message boards and collate them in a searchable database; over the years, it has grown to include glossaries on themes, profiles on people named across the drops (handily sorted into 'Evil', 'Traitor/Pawn', and 'Patriot'), and even a prayer wall

Most followers of QAnon tend not to visit Q's posts on 8kun and the 'chan' boards where they are initially posted (the vernacular used on those sites is deliberately exclusionary and newcomers are often put off). This makes qmap.pub a crucial port of call for all QAnon information and a major node in how the movement disseminates its lore. The site has been hitting over 10 million monthly users since April of this year.

The man behind the QMap is not the fabled "Q" himself ("Q" is actually rumored to just be 8kun owner Jim Watkins, which would depressingly make a lot of sense). The QMap mastermind is allegedly a New Jersey-based IT specialist in his 40s who has worked for CitiGroup and others; confronted by Bloomberg News, the man insisted he had nothing to say about what he believed was a "patriotic movement to save the country."

As of Saturday, the QMap website was taken down. Hopefully, the same will soon be true of the entire false bullshit QAnon cult movement.

QAnon Key Figure Revealed as Financial Information Security Analyst from New Jersey [Logically.ai]

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Image: Marc Nozell / Flickr (CC 2.0)