The One Million Moms hate groups is triggered by fruit bowls

One Million Moms is an anti-LGBTQ organization listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. As we've pointed out before, "the group's true size obviously falls far short of its ambitious name, and may even be the effort of a single person operating under the broader aegis of the American Family Association."

Today, One Million Moms is hating on TV commercials by Dole that makes lighthearted use of the term "fruit bowl" as a catch-all code word that adults can use to have adult conversations in front of children. In its call for people to sign a petition against Dole, it said:

The commercials use "fruit bowl(s)" as code words for intimacy, in place of swear words, and as a demeaning reference to children.

Here is the dialogue from one commercial that features a set of grandparents and one of their grandchildren: "Well, with the grandkids home now, finding alone time is a challenge. That's why we have a secret love language. … You in the mood for fruit bowls? … I would love some. …" (Then a granddaughter interrupts: "Can I have some fruit bowls too?") "We are eating a lot of fruit bowls, just not having a lot of fruit bowls."

Another ad features a couple saying the following: "Times are stressful, but we are trying not to swear in front of the kids. So, we use 'fruit bowl' instead. Fr*it B*wl! What the fr*it b*wl?! We eat a lot of fr*it-b*wling fr*it b*wls."

The third commercial features two lesbian moms who are frustrated over their kids' behavior. They use "fruit bowls" as a code word to talk about their kids in front of the kids. The mothers are regretting and questioning whose idea it was to even have these "fruit bowls."

The insinuations and tone in these ads are offensive because of what is represented, and the fact that children actually appear in the commercials is also disturbing. It's sad that a well-known company has made a deliberate decision to produce a controversial commercial instead of a wholesome one.

Rupen Desai, CMO, Dole Packaged Foods commented:

Our purpose, at Dole, is to champion Sunshine for All. With that, we believe it is important to bring levity and "sunshine" to all families during these dark times. We believe that by coming together, sharing honest moments we have in common, and sharing a laugh – we can help each other through this. We also believe in celebrating diversity and inclusion in all its forms. For these reasons, Dole proudly stands by our campaign.

Dole's 3 spots are above and below. If you are wearing pearls, nows the time to clutch them.