Majority of tech workers want to move out of NYC, Silicon Valley for cheaper cities

The pandemic has convinced many U.S. workers, especially young tech workers, that going into an office isn't really necessary. If you can Zoom in from anywhere why pay inflated NYC or San Francisco rental prices when you can work from Austin or Atlanta?

From High Society Investors:

Silicon Valley, New York, and other big US tech hubs may see a drain in bright young talent as workers look for affordability and space in the wake of COVID-19.

83% of millennials [and 73% of Gen Xers] currently living near a major tech hub, such as Silicon Valley or New York, plan to or are considering a move to a more affordable city because of COVID, according to new data from a survey of 500 US tech workers by domain extension provider .Tech Domains. It coincides with US tech giants pioneering new flexible working policies because of the pandemic.