Right-wing militia groups have set up armed illegal checkpoints in Oregon

Heavily armed men in camouflage have set up at least two roadblocks in Oregon's wildfire-raged Multnomah county, reports The Guardian. Drivers who were stopped said the vigilantes asked them for identification and questioned their reasons for travel. Some drivers reported that police were on the scene allowed the vigilantes to conduct the illegal traffic stops.

[Latoya] Robinson said she was questioned by a "heavily armed" man carrying a AR-style long gun and a visible sidearm. She said the man asked at one point: "You're not from around here, are you?" which Robinson, who is African American, understood as having racist overtones.

Eventually the men let her pass on to her friend's place. On her return journey, she was stopped again. She said she saw two Multnomah county sheriff's office (MCSO) cruisers stopped by the roadblock, and an officer talking with one of the people running it. She said the deputies did nothing to intervene in the illegal stop.

Image: YouTube