FogBlock solves the glasses-mask problem with a single spray

Glasses can be difficult at any time, but with a mask on, it seems like you can't go more than a few seconds without an errant exhale blowing up into your face, fogging your glasses entirely. The only upside is the tiny bit of sweet revenge against everyone who called you four-eyes when they try to mask up with sunglasses on.

Whether you wear glasses, sunglasses, or even a face shield, there are ways to help yourself stay out of the fog, including a healthy shot of FogBlock Anti-Fog Solution for PPE Masks and Glasses.

FogBlock makes it easy to wear both glasses and a mask together. It's a streak-free, non-toxic solution that you only need to spray onto your lenses just once a day. Let 'em dry for about five minutes and from there on out, you should be in the clear, literally.

Whether you're out in public all day or only venture outside sporadically, this easy solution to an annoying problem keeps your vision on point at all times. 

While FogBlock has some obvious applications during our current times, it works to help clear up just about any instances of fogged up accessories. From eyeglasses and sunglasses to safety, ski, and swim goggles to even paintball and snorkel masks, FogBlock is willing and able to help you see in all of those situations.

A single travel-size bottle is good for about 120 sprays, so that supply should keep you seeing clearly for months. 

Retailing for $14, you can save a buck off the price of FogBlock Anti-Fog Solution with this offer, cutting your cost to only $12.99.