MATLAB is computer science for legit scientists, but you can learn it too with this training

If you've never heard of MATLAB or think it sounds vaguely like certain TV shows from the '80s, you'd be forgiven. Because even in a tech sector chock full of intricate, complex programs and systems that routinely leave lay people scratching their heads, MATLAB is science tech for the serious, SERIOUS scientists.

Since its humble beginnings in the late 1970s, MATLAB has grown to become a primarily math-based programming language and computer analysis tool used by engineers and researchers everywhere. From linear algebra to numerical analysis to applied sciences, brainiacs working with MATLAB have revolutionized wireless communication, robotics, and even artificial intelligence.

If you want to understand how to work in the most productive computing environment used by engineers and scientists today, the training in the Complete MATLAB Programming Certification Bundle can serve as a brilliant introduction.

This package collects seven different courses that explore the power and versatility that MATLAB has to offer and explains its impact on everyone from engineers and programmers to teachers and entrepreneurs.

Of course, diving into any subject this technical requires an incredibly clear entry point. Complete MATLAB Programming for Beginners is that doorway, laying out the software's key concepts and abilities. It isn't always easy, but after completing these lectures, quizzes, and assignments, you'll have enough of a grasp of MATLAB to start building algorithms, produce 2D and 3D graphs, and create your own 2D animations.

Next, MATLAB/SIMULINK Masterclass: From a Beginner to an Expert helps explain modeling and simulation with real world applications. Two more courses—Data Preprocessing for Machine Learning Using MATLAB and Machine Learning for Data Science using MATLAB—then take a beginner-friendly approach in exploring MATLAB's role in organizing data at the heart of machine learning. 

The training also includes three courses that delve into using MATLAB in organizing and managing power systems and current, from traditional electric circuits all the way through solar energy systems and simulating your own power generators.

It's all heady stuff but a sure gateway into a lucrative future for trained pros. A $3,000 package of training materials, the Complete MATLAB Programming Certification Bundle is available for about $5 per course, only $34.99.