Peruvian shamans disagree on who will win U.S. presidential race

Reporting from Lima, Reuters reports that Peruvian shamans are divided on who will win the U.S. presidential race in November. The two video embeds above show the same practitioners, as reported by two different outlets. Each reports a preference for a different candidate. RT emphasises positive vibes for Trump; the AP calls it for Biden.

"Good energies to Mr. Donald Trump," said the master shaman Pablo Torres, carrying the snake on one of his shoulders after squirting a strange liquid from his mouth onto the image of Trump.

"Why? Because he is deserving, he needs good energies, good vibes from his followers," he said. "We are supporters of the gentleman. He will win; he is a winner."

Polling in the U.S. has Biden maintaining a significant advantage in both national surveys and those in key states.