Cheap window film fills my home with trippy light

This multi-colored, static-cling window film beautifies my home for a minimal investment.

Renovating a fairly beat down early 1900s Craftsman shotgun shack left me pretty exhausted. After having dealt with everything from the foundation (the house is on sand) and structure (the house has been on fire, several times) to honoring the batshit crazy wallpaper a prior owner had put on the ceilings, I had zero energy for measuring let alone deciding on window treatments.

My neighbors, however, largely live in built up homes that do not attempt to maintain the 1900s charm of this entertaining community but do give them a decent vantage for viewing the activities inside my single floor dwelling. All that measuring for window treatment really turned me off.

I ordered a few rolls of this plastic window film figuring if it was a total mistake I would never regret it. The film is very easy to roll out, measure and trim with a pair of household scissors. Depending on my state of inebriation as I did a set of windows, the job varies in straight-edged-ness but no one really notices.

What people do notice are pools of kaleidoscopic rainbow light around the house.

Also, folks can"t see in my windows from above, which is nice.

A streetlamp that was bugging me now produces a really cool effect from in my bedroom.

If and when I am tired of it, the film will peel off and can be reused on other windows.

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