Knife Aid's sharpening by mail service will feel like you bought a new set of knives

If you've been hacking away at meat or vegetables with blunted kitchen knives, annoyed that they're so dull that it's starting to feel more like tenderizing than slicing, you should probably stop.

Dull knives are more than just a nuisance. They aren't safe. The worn-down edge of your blade requires more force from you to make a cut, increasing the chance of a slip or another accident due to the increased force. And yeah…it's frustrating trying to cut with a dull knife too.

For those who don't have the tools, the talent or the time to restore their knives to their original luster, Knife Aid has a proposition for you — send them your compromised cutlery and they'll fix 'em up for you.

Knife Aid employs trained master knifesmiths who actually know what they're doing. They can even repair blades with broken tips or with chips to restore your instrument at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

The process is simple. With this offer, you redeem the discount code on the Knife Aid website. Then they send you a special secure Knife Aid envelope. Drop up to five knives in the envelope, get it into the mail and you're done. Knife Aid's trained craftsmen will renew the razor-sharp edges of your blades — and even guarantee they'll be sharper than the day you bought them.

The whole process only takes about 7 to 10 days.

Knife Aid assesses each knife for their material, design and anatomy, then sharpens accordingly. Most work is done by hand on air-cooled ceramic belts. Then for re-profiling, repairs, thinning or re-bevelling, the Knife Aid magicians have a variety of tricks and routines for getting each knife back to its prime, no matter its angle requirements.

Right now, you can have Knife Aid sharpen and restore five of your blades for just $64.99, which works out to only $13 per blade. Trust us…the dull knives you're growing to hate will feel like a brand-new set.

Prices are subject to change.

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