The new Apple iOS 14 has a ton of new privacy features. Here's how to sort through them all.

Over at Wirecutter, my colleague Thorin Klosowski has a clear and comprehensive breakdown of the new privacy controls that were added in Apple's latest iOS update. These features include greater control over relationships your phone and local networks and location services, limiting access to your photo library for connected apps, and more.

Klosowski sums up the grand takeaway particularly well, in my humble opinion:

In general, the new privacy settings are designed to give you more control and increased knowledge about how your data is shared. It's not perfect, and you should still be vigilant about other privacy settings, including being mindful of what apps you download and how you use them. After all, Apple still has plenty of incentive to gather up your data, even when it's not shared with third parties. But the settings are a step forward in transparency, and the more controls you get, the better.

(Full disclosure: I also write for Wirecutter.)

Why Your iPhone Has So Many New Privacy Alerts in iOS 14 [Thorin Klosowski / The New York Times]

Image: Matthew Hurst / Flickr (CC 2.0)