It's now official: No pooping on NYC subways and buses

New York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authority is updating their rules to specifically ban pooping on subways and buses. In fact, doing a number 2 on the number 2 train, or any other train for that matter, is already subject to a $100 fine "for create[ing] a nuisance, hazard, or unsanitary condition (including, but not limited to, spitting or urinating)." But now "defecating" is being added to the list. From the New York Post:

"MTA rules are periodically tweaked to enhance clarity, and that's the case with the addition of more descriptive language," MTA spokesman Tim Minton said in a statement[…]

The poop ban was first included in a host of new, temporary emergency rules issued back in April in response to the coronavirus pandemic[…]

Those rules also include policies targeting homeless people who live in the system. The rules require riders to exit subway cars at the end of the line, ban people from lingering in subway stations for more than an hour and bar riders from bringing large shopping carts on trains.

image: detail of original photo by Adam E. Moreira (CC BY-SA 3.0)

(Thanks, Charles Pescovitz!)