Researchers make a $1 hearing aid

The Bhamla Lab at Georgia Tech announced that it developed a hearing aid costing less than a dollar. The components are enclosed in a 3D printed case that's worn around the neck with a lanyard.

About the image:

a. The LoCHAid is shown in its top view, with its 3D printed polyamide (Nylon 12) case tilted. The side view of the audio jack opening and holes for attaching material for neck wear are shown below. The LoCHAid in its case has a size of 6.70 mm by 5.70 mm. The audio jack can incorporate any standard 8 mm sound transducer. b. Displays various types of batteries such as AA, rechargeable AAA, Lithium Ion flat pack, as well as lithium ion coin cell that can be used to power the device. The device has a power requirement that is between 3-5.5 V. The amount of batteries denote the the number required to power the device. c. The required parts to assemble the device are shown here with group labels; specific details are given in Table 1d. View of the custom printed circuit board (PCB) without any components. e. View of the PCB with components soldered on. f. View of the body-worn device by an anonymous 65 year old male as part of the intended audience of the device.