Ring's new security drone flies around inside your home, records video, talks to Amazon Alexa

Ring, the surveillance doorbell company, made a home security drone. Launched today, the new Always Home Cam from Ring is a very small drone that flies around inside your home and captures everything on video, for just $250. And it's definitely not creepy at all! Nope.

Always Home Cam flies back to charge itself at its docking station when the little drone is done. It's expected to cost $249.99 when it starts shipping next year.

From The Verge:

Jamie Siminoff, Ring's founder and "chief inventor," says the idea behind the Always Home Cam is to provide multiple viewpoints throughout the home without requiring the use of multiple cameras. In an interview ahead of the announcement, he said the company has spent the past two years on focused development of the device, and that it is an "obvious product that is very hard to build." Thanks to advancements in drone technology, the company is able to make a product like this and have it work as desired.

The Always Home Cam is fully autonomous, but owners can tell it what path it can take and where it can go. When you first get the device, you build a map of your home for it to follow, which allows you to ask it for specific viewpoints such as the kitchen or bedroom. The drone can be commanded to fly on demand or programmed to fly when a disturbance is detected by a linked Ring Alarm system.

The charging dock blocks the camera's view, and the camera only records when it is in flight. Ring says the drone makes an audible noise when flying so it is obvious when footage is being recorded.

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