Trump supporters claim garage was tagged with anarchy symbol, BLM, and "Biden 2020"

A family in the Twin Cities reported yesterday that their garage was vandalized and tagged with the anarchy symbol, BLM (i.e. Black Lives Matter) and the slogan "Biden 2020." A van was also set on fire, with the garage ultimately receiving serious damage from the blaze.

The report, however, has been met with some doubts online. At posting time, a brief survey of Twitter suggests only contributors to The Federalist believe the act of vandalism is as it seems.

For starters, the tagger's technique improves with each letter, which suggests an absolute beginner with the can. Second, the anarchy symbol lacks the usual panache.

Mostly, though, skepticism centers on the sheer unlikeliness of someone being into anarchism, BLM and Joe Biden enough to spray paint all three on the same garage door.

And here's the cops:

Police Cmdr. Garrett Flesland said that while investigators pursue a motive, "everything is on the table. We are keeping our minds and our ears open. We're just going to let the evidence take us where it goes."

If you'll recall, there was a similar incident in 2016, when a man reported that his driveway was tagged with the phrase "BLACKS RULE". The truth is, as ever, unknowable.