These truly wireless earbuds from Motorola are on sale for just $50

Sure, everybody is gaga about Apple's AirPods Pro. They love it all — except the $249 list price, of course. Especially if something should happen to those little darlings when you're working out at the gym, or running to catch a bus, or trying to escape an unexpected rainstorm.

While the AirPods Pro sound great, they can be too expensive to make you feel good about slinging them around during some of your more rough-and-tumble everyday activities.

By contrast, the Motorola Verve Buds 200 True Wireless Bluetooth Sport Earbuds were made with on-the-move connectivity and durability at the top of its priority list.

These wireless Bluetooth earbuds are engineered for a lightweight, secure fit, including three eartips in three different sizes to make sure these buds aren't going anywhere when you go run or work out.

Speaking of working out, the Verve Buds are IPX5-rated waterproof, allowing them to work through intense sweat or even rain without missing a beat. For instance, if you wanted a pair of earbuds that'd handle the rigors of the slope during skiing or snowboarding, this would be more than up to the challenge.

And just in case you want a little added sense of security, the Verve Buds come with an attachable neck strap, linking your buds together to make sure one errant bud never disappears during your travels.

Meanwhile, all that durability never loses sight of their superior sound, serving up a rich stereo sound with deep bass and crisp highs, so you'll hear everything with crystal clear clarity.

Of course, the Verve Buds need to also have the power to match your hectic day — and thanks to the portable charging case, you'll get up to 10 hours of playtime, which should hopefully be enough juice to get you through your day. 

Finally, the onboard mic in these earbuds works together with smart assistants like Amazon Alexa, Siri, or Google Home to help you make calls, send texts and knock out daily tasks without ever missing stride.

And no, they don't cost $249 either. The Motorola Verve Buds 200 Sport Earbuds are now $10 off, cutting your final price to only $49.99

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