Train to become a Google Cloud engineer with these online classes

Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure? Those two titans are often the center of every question when considering cloud-based web platforms. While Amazon and Microsoft are the absolute 1-2 in that discussion, how about some of the other contenders in the cloud services space? 

That inevitably leads to the 3rd largest cloud platform Google Cloud. While they may not be as large as AWS or Azure, Google Cloud has a lot to recommend. And for a cloud IT professional, there are some strong reasons to make sure knowledge of Google's roster of tools is high on your resume.

You can get all the training you need in everything Google has to offer in the Google Cloud Certification Practice Tests and Courses Bundle.

This package of seven courses includes more than 43 hours of video instruction, covering all aspects of building, managing and growing a network in the Google Cloud. These trainings also include an important secret weapon: literally thousands of practice exam questions that will get you ready to take and ace six major Google Cloud certification tests.

Architects build, which is why the Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect course is a solid introduction to everything you need to know to design and develop a robust network of services and devices in the Google Cloud ecosystem.

While architects draw the blueprints, engineers and developers make their bones with their hands in the dirt, actually making all those grand plans real. Whether you need to build your own apps, oversee the network or tackle problems that pop up, the Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer, Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer and Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer courses get into all that.

Meanwhile, there's also specialized training in all the in-house tools for protecting your Google Cloud creation with Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer; as well as how to create and manage instances connecting to a cloud SQL with the Google Cloud SQL Deep Dive.

With each of these training sessions, students are peppered with short practice tests and extended full-length mock exams, each packed with 100 to 200 unique questions to full gage your understanding and have you ready for the real exams.

Valued at over $600, this complete Google Cloud Certification Bundle is now on sale for only $29.99