Parrots who swore at zoo visitors removed from public view

The UK's Lincolnshire Wildlife Park, home to the National Parrot Sanctuary where the public can re-home pet parrots, has temporarily removed five newly adopted parrots from view because the birds were cursing at visitors. From LincolnshireLive:

[Wildlife Park CEO Steve Nichols said,] "We found it highly amusing and the customers were fine – they were no problem at all. But we worried because we had a weekend coming up and children coming."

Mr Nichols said: "We put them in an off-shore enclosure with the intention that hopefully they will start learning the other parrot's noise that are around. They are African grey parrots and they are very, very good at learning vocalisations from all sorts of noises.

"What we will do now is release them out but in separate areas so at least if they do swear it is not as bad as three or four of them all blasting it out at once."

image: L.Miguel Bugallo Sánchez (CC BY-SA 3.0)